Welcome to AmeriFLECK Dairy Genetics

AmeriFLECK Dairy Genetics is the first and only lineup of Geneseek/Igenity tested Dairy Fleckvieh sires born, raised, and collected in the United States. Each of our sires are backed by multiple generations of American made Fleckvieh Females tracing back to embryos imported from Germany over 10 years ago. Embryos and semen were imported and purchased from Bayern, Spermex and CRV to develop the current herd of 400 dairy fleckvieh cows, 400 heifers and 80 bulls.

We are thankful for the knowledge and guidance of several individuals and organizations have been influential in helping us develop the current herd: Frank Stampenhausen of Spermex, Tobias Lerner of CRV, Rick Blaser of Global Genetic Resources and others. Dennis Russell of the International Dairy Cattle Registry has been with us since day one. Offspring of these sires are all eligible to be registered with the Fleckvieh Dairy Cattle Registry (www.dairycattleregistry.com).

The Dairy Fleckvieh has been bred to be docile, fertile and long-lived. They have good udder health, low somatic cell counts and great milking persistence, with milk components generally running around 4.2% fat and up to 3.8% protein. Calving ease is superior. Fleckvieh have a strong will to live with few health issues. The muscling and overall strength adds value to cull prices, male calves and to the hardiness of the breed.

The bulls we are offering have been selected from multiple generation top production and type cow families. They have been bred to produce high production, moderate frame-size cows with emphasis on udders, feet & legs and calving ease. The genetic evaluations have been produced through Neogen Igenity.  Neogen Igenity basic uses putative causative markers from a multi-breed training population to make estimates on the potential productive ability for individuals of the Taurus breeds. Linear-type estimates have been derived through parent-averages.

AmeriFLECK sires have been bred to work well in absorption, crossbreeding, three-way rotational and purebred breeding programs. We hope that farms who use our sires have as much satisfaction with Fleckvieh as we do.